AMAC advises and manages on a discretionary basis funds from high net worth individuals, as well as institutions and corporates. Besides investing in stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and futures and options, we are involved in venture capital investments in niche start-up businesses. We are also currently advising clients on property acquisitions, and distressed asset and other business acquisitions.

AMAC ‘s ethos is to provide financial advice and expertise unparalleled by current industry players. We build close working relationships with our clients so that we can best understand their needs and vision, not just in the sphere of investment but in their businesses as well. Such a focus enables us to provide a comprehensive suite of investment choices to clients to better build financial stability and wealth.

As a fund manager AMAC has strong capabilities in all areas of investments, and extends its ambit beyond common investment classes such as stocks and bonds. AMAC aims to be a leader in the art of multi-asset investment strategy.

AMAC works closely with our associates and clients to provide a full range of financial services, including:

bullet-pointBridge Financing
bullet-pointStructured Working Capital Solutions
bullet-pointStructured Debt Funding
bullet-pointMezzanine Financing